Please fill out all the below fields to begin your return request. Make sure your information is accurate as this will ensure minimal delay in processing of your request.

Step 1 Please provide the following information

Step 2 Please fill out the product(s) you wish to return and specify a reason for your return.

Product Serialnumber 1 Retrieve Data? 2 Reason 3

Multiple Products!

If you have multiple products with same or different issues, you can add them all here! You do not need to create a new RMA for each product.

1 If you don't know the serial number or unable to find it, please type in UNKNOWN.

2 Does this specific product have data that you wish us to attempt to retrieve? Any data retrieved will be saved and provided back to you if possible.

3 If you chose "Other", please provide additional information in Step 3.

Step 3 Please provide ActiGraph with an adequate description of why you are requesting a return

If the product is defective, briefly recount the problem(s) you experienced. If you are returning an item for any other reason, please supply whatever information you feel may be pertinent. Simple notes help us process your RMA quicker. This memo does not affect the procedure our Returns Department follows.

If you use ActiLife with one or more of these devices, please provide the version of ActiLife here.